President Trump Has Full Confidence in National Security Adviser Michael Flynn – And By The Way Your Fired

Donald Trump Has Full Confidence In Michael Flynn, Kellyanne Conway Says

What a Three Ring Circus this Michael Flynn thing became! He said – She said and did he resign or was he fired, You Decide!

Headline: President Donald Trump continues to have confidence in his embattled National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, a top White House official said on Monday.

“Gen. Flynn does enjoy the full confidence of the president,” White House counsel Kellyanne Conway said on MSNBC.

Though she revealed little else about the state of the relationship, Conway said that Flynn would continue to be an active presence and player in crafting Trump’s foreign policy, despite a whirlwind of scandal that surrounds him.



Flynn resigns Monday over allegations that he broke the law in conversations with Russia

It was the second time in less than three years that the former intelligence analyst was forced out of a prestigious government position.

In 2014, Flynn, a lieutenant general at the time, stepped down as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. DIA officials said he was forced out because of his “chaotic” management style.

President Donald Trump responded Tuesday to the resignation of his embattled national security adviser by saying that “the real story” is who leaked information about him to the press.


Flynn was eventually asked to resign on a dramatic day of confusion and conflicting messages from the West Wing

White House Admits Trump First Learned Flynn Lied In Late January

President Donald Trump was told several weeks ago that Michael Flynn was not truthful in disclosing his pre-inauguration conversations with the Russian ambassador — actions which ultimately led to an “erosion of trust” and the president asking for the national security adviser’s resignation, the White House said Tuesday.

“The evolving, and eroding level of trust as a result of this situation in a series of other questionable instances is what led the president to ask for General Flynn’s resignation,” said Sean Spicer presidential press secretary in his daily briefing to the White House press corps on Tuesday. “Immediately after the Department of Justice notified the White House Counsel of this situation, the White House counsel briefed the president and a small group of senior advisers.”

Flynn was eventually asked to resign on a dramatic day of confusion and conflicting messages from the West Wing, hours after the publication of a Washington Post report that revealed the Justice Department’s warning to the White House counsel’s office.


National security adviser Michael Flynn resigned when it was revealed he lied about his contact with a Russian ambassador

According to presidential employee Kellyanne Conway, Flynn is “.. a very loyal person.. And by night’s end, Mike Flynn had decided it was best to resign. He knew he had become a lightning rod and he made that decision.”

Whether Michael Flynn resigned, was ‘asked’ to resign or was flat out fired, we suppose is not important. What is important is that barley 3 weeks into his presidency, Donald Trump has had a major failure of his pick of a top cabinet position.

If this is anything like his TV show then look out! The Apprentice – a game show featuring season-long competitions. Each season begins with a new group of contestants vying to earn a place in one of the organizations run by the host. The contestants have come from business backgrounds in various enterprises, the backgrounds including real estate, banking, restaurant moguls, military officers, people who know nothing about schools, and just being billionaires.

By the end of the show, there is only 1 ‘contestant’ left with a job to work for the President… uh the shows host. Someone please change the channel.



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  1. Well with the Ringling Brothers Circus closing we had to get or Circus fix from somewhere. This is just so sad and scary at the same time. Our country is at great risk I fear.

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