Donald Trump Calls The Media ‘The Enemy Of The American People’ In Angry Tweet | The Huffington Post

Donald Trump is Way Out There Today!

The president is again lashing out at the press.

Here is his latest angry, accusatory tweet…

For some reason, the president did not duplicate this tweet on the Official @POTUS Twitter page. Perhaps not very presidential to call fellow Americans “Enemy’s” in an official capacity without proof and due process. Perhaps.

Here are some tweets in return from a few prominent reporters:



Good point. Also:

And finally NBC News presidential historian Michael Beschloss makes a very real comparison between Trump and President Richard Nixon’s during the Watergate scandal:

One Angry Baby Bird.


The presidents “Angry Bird” imitation on Twitter today comes a day after what some called a ‘rambling’ press press conference where he again repeatedly disparaged the press. He called the media “out of control” and “dishonest.” He also blamed what he called the “fake media” for many of his campaign and presidential failures.








It should be noted that the president had posted a similar tweet shortly before, then deleted it with the updated one above, adding no less than 5 Highly Regarded National News Outlets, calling them “failing” in spite of the fact that several have had significant ratings increases in recent months. No doubt there will be much feedback from most news agency’s as usual, for such a personal and serious attack.


This Just Added:

Not long after Trump’s angry tweet against his “Enemy’s”, he let us all know who to trust when it comes to Real News:

OK Then.

-Huffington Post

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